So do people actually fb chat?

just wondering, fb chat is sort of lame. i asked a girl for her number today and she just said to use fb because i dont have an iphone and she can only text with other iphones with iphone messaging apparently. i know she likes me, girls dont usually ask a lot of questions about me uness theyre interested.

she asked me if i drink and if i go to bars, where i live what not. i dont go to bars or drink very often i said because iam a loser :P she added me on fb. i just think fb messaging is sort of awkward i guess i just prefer to talk to her in real life. although i know she's probably not going to be good for me since she's very immature, still does a lot of experimentation with drugs, (reminds me of me really) and the fact that she's really attractive is clouding my judgement. so i guess iam saying is can something happen you think from fb chat?


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  • Fb chat is weird but it is also like texting. Of course you can always feel some type of way while texting. So I think you would grow closer.


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  • lol it's a thing... i've hooked up, dated quite a few girls thanks to just messaging on facebook... you just gotta have skill in what you're saying so it never comes off as creepy.


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