Would you rather be asked out for a particular time, or just told a regular time to show up? i. e. go out on Tuesday? Vs I'm here every Tuesday 9 pm?

Would you rather a girl you like ask you out for a set time?

or just let you know she'll be here at this time so you can stop by anytime you want?

I like the second option personally bc that way if something comes up or I'm just not feeling like going out I won't end up doing it at a bad time, or make him feel rejected... It's more fluid then one definite time.

For example-

A. Blank, do you want to see a movie after work on Tuesday?

B. Blank, I'm at the cafe near the theater Tuesdays after work. stop by if you want to see a movie or just hang out :)


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  • To me, A sounds like you want to spend time with me, B sounds like you really don't give a shit if I'm there or not.


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