I dumped him, he called me and acted like nothing happened

So, I dumped my partner about 6 days ago because well, I wasn't feel appreciated in the partnership.

He's a nice enough guy but we just don't do well with sex involved.

I texted him yesterday and told him I left my shirt at his place (which I legitimately did about 2 weeks ago, I didn't realize I left it) and asked if he would like to remain friends.

5 hours later he calls my cell, and calls me by my pet name (something he hasn't done in 3 months) and starts yakking away about how busy he is and how everything with him is going. Then he asks me how I'm doing after he tells me his mom got into a car accident (I was more interested in the car accident to see if she was okay) and he kept pressing me to see how I was...

Then he invites my mom and I out to sushi today (we didn't go though) and says he'll call me later.

He basically acted like NOTHING happened.

Does he want me back and is just kissing my ass to see if I'll come back?


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  • Sounds like denial with a dash of fishing for attention. He may still think he can get you back so tell him you not coming back May be harsh but that's what needs to be done. Also give him time to come to terms with the break up before you start hanging out (or talking) again. If you two were together for a while its gonna take a while to adjust. A healthy dose of No Contact seems to be the cure then things will fix them selves.


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  • Oh, I think he's playing games. The fact that he would include mothers in this speaks to level of trashiness that I always hoped didn't exist.

    Forget the shirt, forget him.

  • Could be kissing ass.

    Could be denial.

    Could be trying to make amends.

    Could be...

    etc etc.


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