How often do you think people who are "talking" should actually communicate?

When you first start "talking" with another person and it's been several weeks since it all started out, how often do you think these people should communicate? What's a healthy amount and what is unhealthy? (i. e., should these people talk once a day, more than once a day, every other day, etc.)


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  • lol if the reason you're asking is that your guy isn't reaching out as often as you like then chances are you just need to relax.

    Guys treat things as they are in the moment and if you've just met him he's not thinking about where this could go and isn't propelled by that to talk; he's just treating things as they are-- someone he just met. So long as he's the one doing the initiating of convie you should be alright. (Unless he's intiitating just to booty call you)

    • Lol that obvious huh? Haha but yeah, he does reach out to me, just nowhere near what I think is normal... but I guess I'm over thinking it. Thanks.

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    • Right now, he's telling me that he's busy with work and what not so I understand that. We all go through that but when he does reach out to me, I hear from him once a day, usually in the morning. He tells me he hopes I have a good day and then I don't hear from him again until the next day. But when things started out, we talked till 4 in the morning some nights/mornings.

    • He's reaching out to let you know he's thinking of you, but if there's something I've learned it's that guys are incapable of multi-tasking. if he's busy at work, even if he replies to you he's not going to be fully "there".

      You can't expect the 4 in the morning chats to continue; it's not realistic. He did that because he was in hot pursuit of you.

      if you want to know that he's into you, just back off and don't pursue and let him initiate. If you're alrd kinda know he's into you then there's no harm messaging him at nights (when yknow he's off work) and just being friendly or funny.

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  • It really depends on the person. If you two can have an open flowing conversation that last throughout the day then why stop it? Why limit the natural conversation. On the other hand, if you are having to force the communication and neither person is really busy, you just don't have anything to talk about that's an issue. There is no set time table, it should just come naturally. I'm someone who has to carry his phone for work so I'm usually always messing around on it so I'll respond quickly. That doesn't mean I'll freak out if the person I'm texting doesn't respond immediately. Don't send a barrage of texts either because you'll just look silly when that person gets back to their phone and sees 10 text messages.. Makes you seem clingy. Just let it flow. =)

  • everyone has a level of comfort, you'll get to understand it,.,, just keep talking regularly. Don't be annoying at all


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