Guys, I think the friend of my friend likes me. But what should I do?

I really don't know what I should do about this guy.. We have met a while ago and he started to really flirt with me and we have been texting (also quite flirty from his side) and I really get the feeling he likes me. The first night we met he told me a lot of personal stuff and was really interested in getting to know me. I then didn't see him for a while and he sent me some flirty texts in which he sort of told me he was attracted to me. After those texts it became a bit awkward between us though, I think we're both too shy to bring it up when we see each other.. we also only see each other when we are with our mutual friend (a girl), she is my best friend. I know they have kissed a while ago when they were drunk but really regretted it..
But it does confuse me about this whole situation. Because on the one hand he seems really into me; he told me personal stuff and his insecurities (some I don't even think my friend knows), flirts with me and seems a bit awkward or shy.. But on the other hand he also doesn't initiate a lot of contact through text, though when I text him he texts back immediately and asks me all kinds of questions.. Is he holding off because I am the friend of his friend and he might think it's weird? Or is he shy? Or just not interested?

Any other opinions?
But should I try to contact him or should I just wait and see how things turn out when I meet him again?


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  • Guys are never "just friends" with girls. He likes you. But try TALKING to him more instead of just text.

    • so you are saying that he is probably interested in my friend as well?
      I would like to talk to him more in person, but it just feels a bit strange to go ask him if he wants to do something since he is her friend (and if he says no it will be awkward because we meet each other at her place once in a while). And when he now starts talking to me when we see each other I always manage to be super awkward and give responses that immediately end the possibility of a conversations, but that is probably my shyness :(

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    • when we first met I didn't act that awkward around him and he seemed more relaxed as well..

    • Exactly, if you act comfortable, he'll be more comfortable. After all, would YOU feel comfortable around someone who is being awkward? Most of us wouldn't. :) So, go talk to him and just be yourself.

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  • I like u too! Now what._.


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  • I think he likes you. Obviously. But, he may be shy or really intimidated by you (because he likes you and want to seem the best guy at you) and that's why he doesn't initiate a lot of contact with you.
    Maybe it's because you're a friend of his friend and he can have a mental block about it. But it's only supposition.
    Did I help you? :)

    • thanks! yeah it seems he likes me but on the other hand I would expect he would start more texting conversations himself.. I will probably only really find out if I talk to him