Was this guy a total coward for leading. me on when he knew he did not have time. for me?

For months he stared, smiled, teased made a big deal. when I came in store, called me. cute names etc. He seemed very cocky

Months later we get talking An I realise I have a connection with him. I get his number. We text eachother and call. He then asks me out days later. He works 12hour shifts 7 days a week. So I had to see him like 3 am an I stayed up for him. When I saw him at store he told colleague thats my princess.

When he hung out we got on well. An he asked for akiss and we hugged. He talked about his life. An kissed my cheek end of night then said we can go out for dinner but he has to take time off.

Weeks went by and he didn't talk so much. Before we met up he said his schedule is mad an said he's not. ignoring me. I did moan once or twice he said dont let it get to you an said be understanding. I sent silly texts once an he said he dont like that he said friends seeing how it goes. I asked to see him 5 times within last month. he would say not like your my wife or we been together ages.

Fell out other day an made up then he said leave me alone again. So I was not nice in texts. He then calls saying its done and dusted now when before that hewas saying he's done. Its like he pushed my buttons to get me to get mad. I phoned today he wouldn't answer called work number he said dont call. me an that he dont want to know me and that I am not normal. I said I've waited up to to see you hesaid well didn't tell you to, an that he hasn't asked to see me in a whole month. He had many opportunities to be honest an I've said maybe your too busy but he said he isnt. An I said you want to know me an he said when did I say that its all in your head. When we met he was all over me now he's like just go an said only met you once in my. life. Like all those interactions were nothing. Like he just flirted got a kiss some. emotional attention then dropped me. Then he put phone down. An I rang back he put colleague back on phone said he

So after I send horoble texra he makes out. im the reason he dont want to know. Then today says I dont have time for you or for anything like that so why mess me around. He didn't call since. last week but he always says he's busy
Colleague said he isn't there I heard the guy tell him. to say that I said yeah he is an then he said itsbusiness phone. So iI hung up. He made out we had something then said its all in my mind. I made compromise for him anhe slapped me in face


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  • You're suffocating him while he's trying to work his hardest. Jobs aren't easy to find. If you're unhappy with what he has to offer, then go find someone else. You're just angry, because he's not satisfying your needs. He's not leading you on and being nasty to him doesn't exactly help. Either work with him and his schedule or leave. Simple.

    • he's done with me he was very rude to me. on phone. I admit I got bit clingy but him saying we only met once. An to get over it and go says alot. He did lead me on saying. there's something there between us then saying he dont want to know me. When the real truth which he finally admitted he doesn't have time for me or anything what I am wanting. I asked him over and over if he's too busy an whether we should leave it an he said. no

    • Maybe there was something, but sometimes chemistry doesn't proliferate to a truly intimate, monogamous relationship. Obviously, he didn't meet your expectations. Lecturing him and trying to change him isn't going to bring him closer- it's going to push him away. This kind of thing is pretty true across the board. If there's nothing intimate between you two anymore, then you can express your anger on here or move on. Harboring and complaining over what you think he did isn't going to change anything, so why waste the energy?

    • Many people on harbor on here its gag after all. It only. Came to a head today so its hard to just sift it aside. Easy said then done dude an in no way did I try change him. I feel nothing for him now correct

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  • Look dear,
    boys dont like the girls to ask many questions and i know the girls can't stop asking.
    the problem is the boys dont like to share their fears with the girls specially the one they care about.
    they always trying to be the hero of the girl, the one who has no problem and the one who could help her to fix all her problem.
    Unfortunately, most of the girls don't realize and do the big mistake by increase the question, and start to be little bit rude to the boy, and when that's happen the boy feeling exchange 180 degree and they hate the girl slowly.
    But you can back to him as I think if u find the good moment to tell him how much you are interested about him, and to promises him to control your question,
    If he agreed to back don't dare to do the same mistake because he will hate you for ever.

    • He dont want to know me. I didn't ask questions just wanted time with him to know him an he seen it as me stressing him so he backed out my life an is very angry and cold towards me since I upset him

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    • :( I dont know how i could help with this sorry :)

    • Its done thanks though

  • I give my opinion as a different kind of guy, im shy and wouldn't be too dominant. I like a girl that shows interests and asks questions. But it sounds like his life was pretty hectic already, but he met a nice girl who he hoped would make life better, seems like you made it more complicated. Try back off for a while, 3/4 weeks , then send him a very broad/not to the point text, something like " how've you been" , as he hasn't talked to you in a while, he will be more willing, reassure him that you want to be a good part of his life not a hinderence, hope all goes well for you...

    • He has made it pretty clear he wants me. out. his life I've done all. i can. Over last four days he has said. fuck. off, leave me. alone, go away. I dont want no. gurl. Just go and leave it. An on phone yday he pretty much said he dont want. to. know anything about me anymore and said. to. not. call him again. Even hung up on me. I tried. to be there for him but he pushed me away. He said he didnt. need any. more stress all. i did was try see him. to make him feel. betterbut he was having none of. it. I wasted my time so. time. i moved on an he told. me. delete his number so. doubt texting further down the line would. make him happy

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