Unintentionally say "home" but it is his house, not our home. Lol Do you think that weirded him out?

So while on a date we have conversation and talk about things that we will do when we get "home" which is back to his house. But I completely space and accidentally say "home". Ugh! I feel like a completely crazy thinking back on it but it just slips out.
He actually has done it on accident once too but he corrected himself to "his place".

So guys, would you be turned off or care if a girl you've been seeing references to your place as "home" nonchalantly?

I have been spending the night a few times. I think that is why I am so comfortable. I have a toothbrush there but that is all and I don't plan on moving into his space!

Girls, have you ever slipped and said that before?

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  • If he gets paranoid over a simple grammatical error... then I suggest you run for the hills. It happens and correcting the statement or not isn't changing anything. If it's that big a deal, then I'm worried when something serious actually comes about, the reaction from either of you, me personally, I'd love to get in video, that would be such a priceless moment

    • Touche. Lol I just don't want to make him feel like I am too comfortable and trying to move in into his space.

    • Nothing wrong with being comfortable with someone. The whole moving in thing, that's per person though. If he seems paranoid too often about being closer/open any more than he is and say it's a couple years down the road, there may be a problem. You're still young, younger than I am at least. Things will happen in time should they be meant to

    • Thank you for that peace of mind. :)

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  • Honestly, I don't see any big deal over what you said... like really, just dust it off your shoulders and have a good time.

  • It's not a big deal. If I'm hanging out with a friend and we are out somewhere I'll refer to wherever we're going as "home" even if I don't live there.

    I think that's pretty normal.

  • My bf doesn't mind, he says everything that is his is mine ;)