Asking about her past?

I've been dating this girl for a couple years now. We have a great relationship and I'm happy with her. It seems as if I'm NEVER allowed to ask or know anything about her dating or "physical" past. Is this weird it's such a taboo topic for her or should I just never ask or care to find out?
I'm 27 by the way not under 18. I can't figure out how to change that


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  • it could just be that the past hurts her a lot and she doesn't want to talk about it or she just doesn't want to dwell on the past and focus on the present and the future... You could alway try and ask her about her favourite childhood memory. Sometimes that's an ice breaker when bring up the past with someone. Also bringing up things like you dancing and singing to nsync when you where little and seeing if she relates off of it or bring something like that up... If she looks sad or upset there is probably something really bad that happened that she is scared to talk to you about or too scared to even think about... was like that with my Boyfriend, I had a horrible past and finally I opened up to him when he assured me that he would be 100% supportive and I didn't have to tell him and when I was ready to tell him that he was here anytime even if it was 3am I could call him to talk to him about it

    • What about her dating and/or sexual past?

    • some girls feel like they don't need to talk about it, because it doesn't matter to them. Girls feel like all that matters is the guy I am with now. I know I tried telling my boyfriend about it because I am use to past boyfriends wondering and he told me he wants to hear nothing about it and I am not going to lie I love knowing I have someone in my life that wants to know everything about me but wants to leave my Ex's in the past.

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