Why is he behaving this way?

Why is it acting this way? There’s this guy I work with and we kinda talk. Then we had a fall out and I quit talking to him. Some time passed and I got over it and one day we exchanged a business email and he asked how I was doing. I reciprocated with good conversation and we caught up. Then he started to help me out a lot with work related stuff. . like being on top of things. Then few weeks pass now he doesn’t hardly help me (LOL) and he’ll avoid me altogether like in hallways. If he quit liking me, that’s fine, but why altogether just act like a jerk to me? Like he just acts like a robot when it comes to professional emails and today he saw me walkin down hallway and it looked like he was trying to go another way lol why this behavior? I’m not even giving him any indication that I like him either. So when I saw him today I was just like “whats up.” And kept on walkin. He makes me wanna avoid him too now but I’m not childish like that! We are grown folks!


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  • There's lots of different reasons why he might act like this, depending on how the falling out went out he could be deeply hurt in some way, or he could be ashamed of how he acted (however why would he still be acting like this if this was the case)

    • yea but we caught up since then and became cool again. He was even flirty but now he's like avoiding me big time lol i jus dont understand if he doesn't like me anymore fine but dont act like. we. never knew each other cuz. i. don't even like him like that jus a friend

    • Well honestly don't know what would be creating those emotions he's showing

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