How do I start talking to a girl without ruining it?

I want to start talking to a girl but recently I just haven't kept anything going with a girl. It would be helpful for guys and girls to give me some feedback. :)


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  • well some time when you talk to a girl for too long and don't move on it after a while she with either friend zone you or she will just not be interested anymore

    As long as your open with her and show interest you will be okay :)

    To stay out to the friend zone: treat her like you would treat your girlfriend. Be a gentlemen. Don't try to kiss her yet, but a hug here and there will get you far. Find more ways to spend time with her. Get closer to her, maybe study together. Have lunch together. Talk about classes, what you want to major or do after you graudate. Invite her to your place and watch a movie or something.


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  • hey you sound cute! haha yeah I am in a similar position to you! (you should message me!) but seriously girls love it when guys talk to them! who knows she might be waiting for you too! (:


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