Why does it seem like so many people end up dating someone who doesn't fit their "ideal image"?

When I ask people what they desire in a partner physically they name all these characteristics that the people they date don't have, ex. blonde hair, blue eyes, and slender.


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  • I don't know maybe a variety of reasons. Maybe people settle for less than their "ideal" because they want companionship and are scared of being alone. Maybe they thought they wanted one thing but they met someone that changed their perception of what they were really looking for. They met someone who SHOWED them what they were really looking for. Say you go to a restaurant and you are planning on ordering your favorite meal but decide to try the special of the day and you end up liking that more than what you usually order. Yeah that's all I got :/


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  • Because attraction isn't as linear as we'd like it to be. Also, the personality you like might be in a different but still attractive sort of body.


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