How to say hi without being really creepy?

So I saw this girl's profile on an online dating site and I really want to send her a message. Problem is, it's one of those sites that's free but you have to pay for a membership to send a message. I managed to find her instant messenger contact info (don't ask) but am very hesitant to send her a message. How can I say hi without seeming creepy?


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  • Well if she is on a online dating site, she probably would be up to talking to you. You could email her... if you have her instant message usually you have email her too...or just IM her and explain that you saw her on the site...unless you really had to search to get her info, In that case I would just email her.

    • I didn't have to really search much, just googled one of the usernames she said in her profile that she uses and found it like that.

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