Someone asks you out after being cold. You think they are trying to apologize; Playing games; O r you do not care bc they lost their chance?

dated a guy year ago- verity briefly. sort of froze him out unintentionally not bc i dint like him but bc it was a messed up period of met life and i just couldn't deal with anything extra though i could gave not i dealt with it so badly -obviously.

then we drifted.

i ran into him a month ago. we've been hanging out casually since. recently i asked him out -to make up for how i acted and bc i still very much like him. well he's being confusing. like not saying no but not saying yes not saying idk...

i guess if were him and couldn't answer- though i never don't answer people- I could see maybe :

he doesn't want to say no bc he's attracted to me.

doesn't want to say yes bc he doesn't know me very well and things were messed up and he doesn't want to be alone with me.

doesn't want to say I don't know bc that'd make him appear indecisive and who wants that...

but I'm not him and he's not me and I don't know iof its bc he's just moved on or he doesn't trust me or he wants to get back at me.

i dont think he's a game player deep down -or i wouldn't be considering things- so I'm not just assuming the worst but I'm still not sure what to do... so I'm trying to look at things from his perspective. or at least not JUST my perspective.

Any ideas?


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  • i could see how it would seem gamey

    • thanks for saying so.

      thing is I'm not playing games. so in the event he thinks i am-what do i do?

      I want him to trust me. even if it turns out he's not interested i still want him to know I'm being genuine.

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    • ohh.. well, im not good with expressing feelings. I've never done it actually. plus even if i could why wouldn't he think thats a game, if he thinks asking him out is a game,...

    • its simply the fact that you took time to write him a note. just shows that you really care. its hard to do i know, but if you do it, regardless of what you say in the note, its like you're throwing your soul on a piece of paper for him.

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