Guys, how would you feel if a girl told you she likes you?

So im crushing on this guy really hard and I want to tell him. he's been single for a long time now and he says he's waiting for the right one but im sure he getting his rocks soft ( having sex). I met him once and now he's on my fb. We mgs each other sometimes and have great conversations but its not enough for me to think he's into me. Im just curious on how other guys would react if a nice looking girl tells them, I really like you.


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  • if the girl match my taste i'd feel happy. id she don't i'll just say a cold thanks and nothing more


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  • Always flattering !
    And who knows he will most likely be interested in u, do it !
    Ask him out !

  • for me if i like her it would be awesome if she came and told me that she like me
    but if i dont ill think about it if iam single

    • Yeah that kinda understandable.

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