In love with some rich, white girl?

Just as the title says, I'm in love with some rich white girl that goes to my school, and, I don't know what to do. Me, clearly, I'm not white, nor am I rich. We're friends, but, I had some issues in the past, and got rejected, but it's behind me now. So, I just want to know, what do I do? Also, my feelings have nothing to do with money or race, I just want to know since that may be a factor in other things. Can anyone help me?


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  • If she isn't interested in you and it's causing you some sort of turmoil, you should stop being her friend for your own sake. She's not rich btw, she comes from a rich family, so... I don't see why you not being as rich as her would be a factor, and your race shouldn't be either.

    Anyway, ask her out again. If you get rejected again: leave it be, and stop being her friend. At least until you move on.


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  • She may or may not be interested. If not, I doubt your race and financial situation is part of it. But if so, then she's shallow.

    You gotta try.


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  • Her standards are probably really high and her parents picky of suitors due to the money. There are plenty of other fish in the sea mate ;)

    • "Suitors"? I think this is 2014, parents don't pick suitors.

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    • What's a suitor?

    • In this case, someone who wants to be with someone else.

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