I think I Ruined my Best Friends Relationship, I feel so Suicidal?

Today, my best friend got her heart broken. He was her first boyfriend and I even got them together. She liked him so I talked to him for her. Him and I have a class together so we usually hang out and talk, I was trying to make conversation and he told me he wasn't having a good day so me the wierdo I am I crawled on the floor on my knees and stood behind him he joked that it looked wrong and we laughed. I went back to my seat and finished up my work. I got stuck on a problem so I asked him to help me he ended up telling me that he was gonna break up with her my jaw dropped and then he said that looks wrong and I laughed again. After I finished my work I sat next to him and I was watching what he was doing. He was looking up nice ways to break up with a girl. I was like Why do u need to look that up? So I grabbed his hand and showed him how to and he said no he wants to do it his own way. He ended up not letting go of my hand and we just sat there for five minutes holding hands. We ended up talking and flirting and getting really overly sexual in our convo and he asked if I was a virgin and if I knew what I was doing. I replied with a sarcastic yah then he squinted and I said are you gonna teach me? He laughed and said maybe and I said I'll do anything he got overly excited. I went back to my chair to grab and put away my things he ended up putting his hands around my waist and grabbing me innappropriatley he had his body pressed against mine and I started rubbing up on him he was like don't grind against it and I said I'll start twerking right now he was really enjoying it. He hugged all on me and was touching me like he wanted me. He didn't want to let me go and we spent time holding hands and I joked saying Are u gonna leave her for me? He nodded yes and we laughed. He said we were gonna have 4 kids together and be happy. He told her the news she cried and I cried 2. I lied and told her nothing that went on between him and I. I feel like such a shitty person


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  • Umm yea you are a shitty person... short of jumping off a bridge go set the record straight... your friend did not deserve that, and she def doesn't deserve either one of you cheaters!


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  • clearly not the smart thing or appropriate thing to have done in that situation but you shouldn't feel suicidal, even if you're joking, for doing that. talk to your friend, tell her the truth. she deserves to know, especially after what happened. but its also not the end of the world, so don't feel that way.

    • She'll hate me forever and I wouldn't blame her she deserves a better best friend and a better guy

    • better than hiding it and then her finding out after. the best thing to do in these situations is being upfront. because even if you lose her as a friend at least you were honest to the end. lets say she's really angry, there's still a chance she might forgive you, because in the end you did the right thing by telling her. i can only imagine how angry she would be if you pretended like nothing happened, lied behind her back, and then she found out. i feel like there would be no chance there...

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