Girl text to confirm the time of a date but doesn't respond to simple texts?

So again the freaking mind games. This girl texted me to confirm the time of our date. Next day I just said hi how are you doing and other general stuff.

No reply at all! Wtf? I am OK if she is no it a text person but there should be some kind of communication right? If she doesn't care to respond to a text how is she going to answer my phone?

She said she would go out with me and she is coning out on a busiest day. I mean she works from 9 to 9 that day before date and on the second day she has a job from 6 am. She is making an effort to come out so I can say she is interested. I just don't understand that if she doesn't choose to respond how do I gauge her? I mean I would plan the date more better if I can know about her a bit.

If you really like a guy, how hard is it for you to even say , "hey, I am busy right now so talk to you later or any reasonable excuse" do girls really think its all OK to keep guys waiting? Does it make no difference to girl if a guy leaves her for being silent?


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  • I hate it when people dont text back, i had a bf like that, the thing is he always had his phone on him too, im waiting for a text off my bf, i text him 2 hrs ago, he asked me a question i responded,, then asked him one but no reply, no matter how busy i am i always make time to text people back, even to quick text to say im busy, its so ignorant not to, a one off can b forgiven but not a of the time


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  • Some people won't like interacting by texting and will use it only as for important things only, even with their boyfriends. Other people get too absorbed in work that they either forget checking their phones or replying messages.


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