What if anything could you not overlook or accept from a partner or date's past?

Guy I am in a relationship with for a few months is divorced and the more I find out I get worried because it was a very bitter one. I worry about the baggage.

Within a few weeks of dating he asked if we can stop dating other people. I had not yet asked him about his relationship history and finally i did ask and he was very up front. But I am starting to feel like I am not sure I can handle his baggage. Makes me feel mean but that is the truth.


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  • You should tell him you're not quite ready for that yet. Committing to him exclusively. That you still need to get to know eachother.

    • I've dated girls for months and never made her my gf before. You have to find out who they are and then if you like who they actually are. Get past the "good behavior" front so to speak.

    • We already have been in a relationship.

  • Hmm... well, I would have trouble overlooking a criminal past in a partner (like stealing from or physically hurting other people). As far as a partner's past relationships, I think I could handle most issues. However, if they aren't completely over another man/woman, are still bitter about a fairly recent break up, or just seem like they aren't able to pay enough attention to me because of someone from their past, I might reconsider that relationship.


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