Has anything changed since I was friend zoned?

I had made my intentions known from the start so there was no fluffing friendship around. I stuffed it in the middle when she was getting close to me and I become clingy. Then we had the 'talk'. I disappeared - no contact. Her friends said she dove herself into her studies while I sorted my life out as if we were both trying to keep our minds off things. I leaned up, style changed, I started developing standards and raising eyebrows where I went.

We were still on good terms though when we bump into each other. Then the other day I gave in as I bumped into her going home. We stood there for eons chatting neither wanting to walk away. Yet she declined me asking her out. We hugged and embraced for what was so long; longer than the hugs you give your friends. I had to ask her a question in class the other day and she replied placing her hand on me while our faces were but lips apart. She's included me in group messages and 'liked' my pictures.

Lets be honest, I should be over her but I am not. I know she cares about me as do I. What do you guys think?

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  • uhmm you blew her off its won't be a piece of cake getting her to like you again... uhmm just go with the flow at this point... or talk to her about the way you feel and ask her how she's feels..


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