Did he lose interest, playing hard to get or was just pretending all along?

So I was texting this guy, and have even talked to him on the phone. We met through OkCupid. For 2 days he was so consistent with the communication and he was the one always initiating. 3 days ago, he said he will text me and even said he will let me know if he can meet up on Thursday. My phone has been silent from him since 3 days now.
Why did this guy show interest and started pulling the disappearing act all of a sudden? . For one, he said he will let me know by that night to which he never did, and 2nd he said he will text me after work- he didn't do that either and just disappeared and left me hanging. I actually texted him yesterday, and he never responded back, but I guess that is my answer which is a "no answer."


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  • You can't know anything for sure on websites like that until you meet someone. But the two possibilities are: it was someone totally playing you who was never actually looking to meet up; or, it was a serious guy and he lost interest (perhaps meet someone else he liked, or more likely got busy or forgot.)

    • thank you for the response. It's weird though, because I feel like he might've seen something on my Instagram that probably put him off.
      Before he started flaking on me after that, he was teasing me about one of my posts and how he is not fond of social media. After that he was like "Maybe we can meet dinner on Thursday... he then said, I gotta go do something for work and will text you later."

      that was the last message I've heard from him.

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