A guy is scared to meet?

He said it would be great to meet, but he is shy, but will try.
If the SHY guy agreed to meet, but then ignores me and makes a reasons not to meet, what it means? For me its hard to read him.
How to encourage him, if i can't see him? About what to talk


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  • It all depends I've been shy but once a girl shows interest I want to try to meet her and get it over with and see if she's still interested or not. I could only assume maybe he's just too shy or he's got something to hide. I would try to Skype with him on camera or have a on-phone conversation or something either way those two will help build his confidence up anyways for him to know that you will actually like him and allows for him to see you or hear your voice etc and same for you building his confidence.

    I would just try for a month don't go any further than that, if you two don't meet or video chat or even phone call chat I'd be more worried that this is a catfish situation or something that is way too common a lot of the times. But personally I've been there but I realized by 18-19 to actually meet the girl and get it over with as I stated and if she was still interested after that day than I knew she actually liked me which would build my confidence even more.

    • It can't be a catfish, because i know him in person, we are good friends.
      He is not social, thats is the problem. Probably he dont knows what to do if we will stay alone. Sometimes i just see that he dont knows what to say to me, when we talk. I was complimenting him to build his confidence, but still he dont want to get out of his shell.

  • Coming from a shy guy? it takes a bit of confidence building, our confidence is pretty frail as it is, and if he has esteem issues as well as shyness its hard. Just build up his confidence reinforce some compliments build him up a bit. Confidence does wonders so even a little for someone with shyness is enough to encourage someone to step outta the comfort zone :)


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