Girls how would your behaviour change if the guy you like told you he liked you?

Would you be more open or talkative etc. would you be more forward... ?

... or maybe you would shy away because it makes you feel self concious? ...


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  • O gosh, a dream would come true :) Who would shy away? I'm actually more of an introvert. I don't talk to every person on the street and I just have a few friends but when my crush says that he likes me I will do everything to make him love me someday :D I'd be more open and talkative! And believe me... I don't let everyone have the key to my heart ;) (cheesy cheesy I know)


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  • Aha.. I'm usually a very outgoing person but i will shy away and slowly open up. It really depends on the girl

  • I've always been a very open and forward person. My bf is very quiet and reserved. I've told him he needs to open up more or I will start shutting down.

    • well you didn't really answer the question, but you can't change your boyfriend, there's nothing wrong with him it's just his personality, if you don't like it then you shouldn't be going out with him

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