He stopped liking me randomly?

so this guy and I have liked each other for a while and I thought he was going to ask me out soon. But instead he told me "I feel like we are too comitted and we aren't even dating and it made me realize I don't like you that much." my question is: why the sudden change and was that right of him to do that? and now he ignores me and avoids me. should I forget about it and move on?


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  • There could be any reason why he maybe doing this.

    1. Maybe he feels your too good for him and he is not good enough for you.
    2. He could have heard some gossip about you.
    3. He could be unsure of what he wants himself.
    4. Maybe something you said or did upset him.

    There could be many reasons.
    How much do you like this guy personally? If the answer is not that much then I would say just move on but if you like him a lot I would say try asking him what is wrong but don't do it right in front of all his mates or your mates.


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