Is this a bad thing or good?

OK, so me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 3 weeks, and last night he was dropping me off and he went to kissed me, but i pulled away, it caught me off guard. Is it a bad thing that I pulled away?


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  • If that is the first time anyone has tried to break that physical barrier than it is normal. I hated myself for doing this afterwords, but the first girl I dated (I was 16) told me that she wanted to blow me and I was so uncomfortable that I never pushed to try and make that happen, despite how much I wanted to.


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  • You are 'Under18,' so naturally Anything at your young age Can------Caught me off guard. And with this, it may have even taken him Back a tad, but in the long run, it will show him you are not "easy,' do Not pucker up right away, Nor Do other things that will even cause you to 'Pull away,' and he will have more respect than you Expect.
    No, not a 'bad thing,' you're looking Better than----Good.
    Good luck. xx