Did Having Sex Ruin What We Had?

Ok So I Have Been Talking To This Guy for About 5 Months Already And Since The First Time We Started talking he Was Always The Ome To Say Swwet Things And Well Honestly I Have Learned To Not Fall For Things Like That Because I Did Not Really Know Him So I Just Went Along With It. We Started Hanging Out And stuff And I Still Kinda didn't Feel Nothing But I Was Like oh Well I'll Like Him Sooner Or later. So A Couple Days ago we Hung Out And It turned out we ended up having sex. At this point I was beginning to like him and he said to me that I was his girl but he was just waiting for the right time to ask me. Do You Guys Think That Having Sex With Him Ruined what we could have had? I would love to know cuz if so I could now really not fall deep for him and just do my single stuff.


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  • I always find that in any Newbie relationship that Anything with in between the sheets Can go South or Not. One minute everything is cozy as a cucumber, the next minute it turns rotten as tomatoes.
    So far it seems Kosher with the kiss, but That could turn in another direction, for you don't know him well enough to judge his book by his cover just yet.
    Go easy now, be on your guard. You are right in not putting your heart on your sleeve so quick... Just go with the flow, but make it your own partner policy that you are not a booty call, no man's fool, No cutie convenience and you will Not stand to be put on some schmo's pay no mind list.
    So far so good with the pillow talk, but eventually, believe me, that could get real old real quick and after awhile you won't Be His 'Anything.'
    Be cool... Play a bit hard to get and be the apple at the tree hardest to grab at times.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for letting me lend a helping hand, sweetie... Another one of my life's little lessons in love that I enjoyed sharing and helping in. xx

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  • no... but he and you probably don't know where to go after that. Where does this now stand? yah know?

  • If he loves you he would respect you and not obligate you to have sex with him. Honey there are guys out there who will respect you


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