Help with a shy guy?

So I'm 15 and I have a huge crush on this guy. I've liked him for a few months now and I haven't talked to him much because I'm super shy. So I'm finally getting the courage to talk to him and I try to smile at him in the hallways but he'll glance at me and either blush or look at the floor. He's super shy and my friends all think that he likes me. I got paired with him in a class the other day and this is gonna sound stupid but he makes me blush, I don't know why but I always blush when I talk to him so I think he knows that I like him. But now I'm scared that he's creeped out or something. I'm trying so hard for him to notice me more or actually talk to me. I'm so stressed. Does anyone have advice or tell me what's going through his mind?


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  • In this case there's no way to tell how he feels. I myself will do the same things you described to both girls I like and sometimes with girls I don't like but am nice to. Only difference would be that I give a bit more effort in trying to talk to the girls I like. I would say to make it as obvious as possible if yo really want to find out.


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