Mixed Signals: Is he as interested in seeing me again as I am in seeing him?

I went out with a guy for the first time last night and we seemed to hit it off. We went to Happy Hour and then came back to my place where we talked some more and then made out. I let him get to 2nd base while kissing, but then let him know that I wanted to take things a little slower. We continued making out for a little while longer and then around 10pm he mentioned that he had to work in the morning on a PR project for work and that he should probably get going. At that point we had been hanging out for about 6 hours.

When he went to leave, he give me a kiss and a hug. When I asked if he wanted to do this again, he said only if I could tolerate him again. I said "yes, I can" and he joking told me to think about it and not answer now. Then he gave me another hug and said he'd shoot me a text tomorrow.

Things seemed to be going well until that comment. Was he just being nice, or does he actually want to see me again? Was that a brush off? Is it likely he will text me? Why wouldn't he just say "yes, let's do this again?"


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  • It sounds like he was just playing coy and being playful.
    I think he's interested in seeing you again.
    He asked you to text him tomorrow... so text him.
    Or you can wait to see if you hear from him, but if you said you'd text him... I'd do that because... why not?
    You're interested, so don't be afraid to initiate contact.