Is he possible bipolar or has a mental disorder?

so im talking to this guy , he called at 6 am and wanted me to come hang out with him for the day but i was sleep so i said maybe later today or tommorow... well anways he text me 8 am and said "fucc you" i then replied with , a adult remark.. i told him he was very mean and nasty and hell never get good luck ever in his life for treating people bad , and i told him that i hate him... then he replied and said he was just kidding and he loves me... he seems a bit like he might have mental disorder at this point... could he really be a ass or really have a mental disorder, he somtimes just stares at his self in the mirror , sometimes he talks and i dont know what he is saying because its just mumble jumble... he spells las vegas... lost vegas... and gets having good reflexes confused with having a high iq... should i suggest he seeks mental help? he's 40

he's kinda crazy.. when we had sex he stared at himself and flexed his muscles like Christian bale in American physco... when i caught him he stopped


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  • Sounds like he might have borderline disorder, and just unintelligent/uneducated in general


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  • lmfao u are amazing thats all i half to say and yes he does seem to have a issue most people aren't always on point with spelling and so im not gonna go there or say there's anything wrong when it comes to him spelling people aren't perfect and always thinking about grammar and how everything has to be spelled right plus touch screens have auto text and that can mess things up sometimes especially if your a fast typer and want to get straight to the point i don't think he has a mental disorder hun i think he is just bipolar and i would keep distance with him because if he flashes out on u because of that then what could he do when u guys are alone or out in public if you don't know him well stay away from him even if u do stay away from him because u have not known him for years and if u did then keep a distant like only over text kik messenger cause in case he's a freak he won't tract u down by anything