So I just found out this girl that I know is like dating an nhl player not joking either?

I'm not going to give any names as to who she is or who he is but I noticed it on her Twitter page there were some pictures of them together than I clued into who he was as I had heard his name before as I watch a lot of sports and nhl games.
I never felt I like had any chance with her anyways as she's like an athlete and well known around here. but to see she landed an nhl player as her next bf is a little bit much to digest as I had actually talked to her and her gf's in person back in may and at bar a few tims and honestly I though she seemed more like an average girl back then but I guess she has moved on from this town.

anyways I like feel a bit jealous she managed to land someone of that caliber , I wish them the best and all but like a little bit surprised that's all


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  • she's still a regular person , hell he is too , he just plays pro hockey... not that big of deal... i had found out this guy i liked was dating a popular broadway actress that landed a role that i had auditioned for but didn't get... i had wished them the best as well... trust being the gf of a pro hockey players will have its downs for her... not to be speaking negative or wish her bad luck... but ladies of pro athletes deal with groupies invading their relationship alot... dude at the end of the day they piss and shit and eat and get sick just like you...


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  • personally, if I was wealthy/successful then that's exactly the kind of girl I'd be going for - the "average" one. I don't want to be with someone who wanted me for what I am, but who wanted me for who I am. Your average girl is much more likely to fit into that criteria as opposed to the 'above-average' girls.


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