Online dating, kiss on third date, now he is cold?

It might sound weird but yes i met him online, he is not the first one i met And after a lot of dissapointments i gave up, until i met this dude, he insisted to meet me outside of that chatting catastrophie, We did, we live 1 hour appart but he still came to my town, the first date was awesome we both felt comfortable with each other and bllabllablla... the second date was great as well, funny, and he teased me all the time, he understood that i take these things serious and that im not that onenightstand chick, and here comes the third date, glas of wine for me beer for him we already felt as we where a couple, candle light and so on.( by the way he paid all the time we even fought for this).. it got late and we headed to our cars and we wherent basically able to say goodbye just stood next to each other planing future meetings, we said goodbye like 15 times then we huged and it ended with a long passionate kiss, of course the confusing part started next day, he did not text me in the morning
like he always did when we start to work, he usually called me when we had our break this time none... at home same thing, he was acting cold, he sent me voice messages at times but only because i asked him how he is doing, yesterday we wanted to meet but he changed plans because
his friends invited him to this party, a boynight... my ego got hurt a little to be honest since everything was so great and now he is being weird, what should i do? i really want to continue seeing this guy, just for the record we both come from different backgrounds he is italian i am from eastern Europe and we both are 25 years old...
i am fed up of these date fails i am experiencing and i really feel like something is wrong with me, he loves my look and everything, but i wonder if i am doing something wrong? help me guys and sorry if i made this story super long for you to read. i appreciate every honest answer. peace


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  • If the kiss was long and passionate and neither of you drooled on each other maybe the guy was looking to go home with you. I mean its odd that he would just stop things cold like that unless he was hoping to hook up with you then move on from there. Though if it were me I would simply ask him what is going on here. If he doesn't answer then maybe he is just not interested. I've had my fair share of dating fails and mishaps. It makes you wonder if its you, or something about you that makes things like this happen. Or the type of people you attract.
    If he doesn't see where you are coming from maybe you should stop while you are ahead. I can't count the number of times I've met someone who I thought was great, and I thought everything was hunky dory, then out of the blue things just go left field and you never get a good explanation.
    I hope this helps.

    • I dont know of he wanted to go home with me since he was the one who said bye see you soon.. we do text , And he answers but not as much as in the begining And not as interested as in the beginning... ... i am just fed up... :(

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    • youare welcome, you helped alot. i really wish he does like me and does show it more but i guess his actions speak louder than words i dont know if it counts... thanks again

    • Again no problem. Dating in general is tough. So its always nice to see things work out for someone. If you need more advice or what have you Im always around.

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