He said we wouldn't be a match?

So my boyfriend of 5 years, and father of our 2 year old have been watching the new tv show, married at first sight. A show were 4 experts pair people they feel will fall in love and stay married. At the end they said the were doing the screening for the show, so jokingly I stated to him " lets do it and see if we're paired" his response was, " they wouldn't pair us together". I don't know if I am over reacting or just accepting the hurt and reality of the comment because I am totally left with a bad taste.

So, I am turning to y'all for suggestions, feedback, and advice


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  • well maybe he thinks they would find a better match for you or theyd go by certain characteristics. remember millonare match maker? how many of those do you think worked out? no one knows whos gonna marry who... even the most compatible couples dont stay together... a show means nothing, youve been together 5 years and have a kid , thats enough evidence to show that y'all are compatible.. guys sometimes say stuff without thinking that it could hurt their girlfriends,,, dont let it bother you... if it really does though.. ask him why he said that

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