Ladies: How do you like guys to ask you out and where would like to go?

How do you want to be approached and what places would be ideal for a first date? Also, would you rather be with a group of people to eliminate the awkwardness.


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  • I think it would be nice to be asked out in person when you two are alone so it;s more personal. Not all over the top with flowers and candy or anything, just pull her to the said at the right moment and ask her. When you're both happy and in a good mood/ Then on a date somewhere simple and casual like ice skating maybe. Where you could be in public but still hag out where it's not too intamite for a first date. Where you could have fun and be together but not comepletly alone. Maybe a picnic in the park woud work to.


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  • well if i already know the man... id like for him to just ask me when i see him or id like for him to call me and ask me... i dont really believe in the whole buy me roses then ask me to go out on a date.. im more down to earth... id probably want to go somewhere , that i can wear a dress and some heels... or if its a casual date.. then dinner and movie... one time this guy took me to a date to a mansion party where all his friends were , after we left dinner and its was really fun.. im not a fan of group dates for a first date because it could make me feel as though you dont want to be alone with me or like maybe you have to always have groups of people with you to be out and about... group dates/ double dates are more for later down the line.. or if my bestfriend hooked me up with you...


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