Is this text that I sent to a girl the morning after our second date appropriate, or am I coming on too strong?

We had coffee for the first date and talked for 3 hours. We clicked. The next weekend, we had a second date. We got takeout and ate it at a park. Then we had two drinks at a bar. This date lasted 3 hours as well. We definitely clicked again. Both times, I made her laugh and smile a lot. I indicated that I liked her a few times on the second date (but nothing too intense), and I said that I wanted to keep hanging out. She said that she definitely wants to hang out again. We had a good hug, and then I gently rubbed her shoulder before we parted, and she said she would text me. I REALLY like her so far!! She has a lot of the qualities that I am looking for. I see potential, but it is early.

The next morning I sent these texts. "I had fun last night!! I hope you had fun too, because I want to keep spending time with you." Next, "I really like you from what I know of you so far. I felt good when I was with you last night. Hopefully we can get to know each other better and have even more fun together." I feel like I made these feelings obvious on our second date, and she would smile. But did I come on too strong? This is how I truly feel, but I am well aware that it is early on.

Also, I know that it doesn't ask for a response, but I sent that message at 9:00am, and it is 3:00pm and I haven't heard back. But I know she is apple picking with friends today starting early. She usually takes a while to get back to me too.

I'm pretty sure now that I definitely fucked up. No reply yet. I never intended to rush into a relationship. I had a lot of fun, and it felt good to finally go out on a Friday night. I do like her. I'm gonna get drunk cuz I ruined it via text.
Thanks for the kind words because she texted me back, and she feels the same way that I do. We are going out again next Friday. Thanks again for the encouraging words. And thanks to@coffeprince for being hilariously pathetic with her response


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  • I agree with Anon, next time just send one message instead of two especially if you believe that it was sort of implied on the second date how much you like her. I'm sure she will text back from what you have said so far she likes you too a lot. Don't overreact or anything just wait it out for the rest of today and see how she responds to your texts and if she doesn't respond, don't jump to conclusions just yet make sure she knows you're not trying to move things too fast I hope this helps a bit :)


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  • You sound clingy, maybe 1 text is fine.. was this some1 you met online, if so.. it can be overwhelming that ypiusummertime really really likes you and might throw some red flags for her.

    • What does ypiusummertime mean?

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    • I'm very sorry. I was emotional yesterday. I think I am too sensitive about some stuff. Maybe I shouldn't use this site anymore because if that. I was mean. I'm honestly sorry. I'm disappointed in myself for that, and I hope I didn't upset you.

    • Your opinion was totally legitimate.

  • No I think you're fine, girls like hearing those kind of things unless she is creeped out or by interested in uou. But since she has gone on a few dates with you and said she really wants to go out again I think she feels about the same! She's probabsbkt just busy so don't worry (: can you answer my recent question?(:

  • Just wait for a reply and if it dosent come along just ask a question that guarantees an answer, like how are you or how did the apple picking go, that way u will now if she is avoiding your other two messages.

  • I think its fine, i would appreciate a text like that from a guy l liked, its nice what you sent, dont worry too much about it, its not like you were asking to marry her or move in with her, you were just letting her know. You enjoy her compan, females like to hear things like it,

  • If she likes you she will reply, but next time just send the one text and wait for some reply.

    • How much time will go by without a response until I know she is not interested? Last night she said she wants to hang out again two times, including the very end.

    • and I sent the two texts consecutively if that makes a difference.

    • Well I personally can become very busy with work so I could easily take upto a day to reply to a guy I like. Listen chill out if she's messing around with your emotions because you've shown way more interest in her than she has of you, she's not worth it. If she's interested she will reply, give her a day max.

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