How long should I "wait" for a guy to respond until his lack of response is my answer?

An answer to this will just help my peace of mind.

I went on a first date last night and it seemed to go really well. He wanted to go a little further than I was comfortable with back at my apartment, but when I said something, he said that was ok with him. I gave him a massage to make up for it, and after the massage, he literally couldn't move he was so relaxed. After 61/2 hours of hanging out (and making out) he said he had to go because he was working in the morning.

He didn't make a plan for another date, but he did say he'd text me.

This morning I text him to say thank you, I liked hanging out with him, and that I hope he has a good day at work.

I really liked him and I hope we can hang out again. It's only been a couple of hours, and I haven't gotten a response, but how long is a reasonable time to wait before coming to the conclusion that I'm not going to hear from him again?

I know he might be busy for a while, but Guys--how long does it take you to return a text if you do like a girl? Would you always respond immediately if you want to see her again?


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  • Maybe he can't text during work and if your message was between many other when he got home in the evening, he may really have missed it... don't panic.
    Whong conclusions are so easy to draw. Try sending him another message over the week end. With a lot of tender loving care words in it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I hate to say this but I've been in that position. And usually when guys are so quick to suggest sexual things, it means they don't want anything more. He could really be busy, but think of it this way. He pushed for something you didn't want once, on a first date, he's going to keep pushing for it. Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't respect you enough to not suggest things like that on a first date?
    I've had dates where we had sex on the first date, but there was no asking for it or pushing, we both wanted it. I feel like you shouldn't have to ask for sex at all, when it's right it'll happen.
    Also be aware of this. This has happened to me COUNTLESS time. Before I met my fiancée, I went out on a ton of dates, but rarely did the guy make it past the first few. And usually because they pushed for sex, sometimes I comptomised, sometimes I just said no nothing. But most of the ones I did somethings with never called, texted or anything... Until about 6 months later. They get bored, lonely, and remember they made out with some chick months back and try to hook up with me.
    Good luck!