Why does weird girl act this way?

This girl had a thing for me for a long time at work for sure. We've both played some mind games with each other and things have been complicated between us. We've both played the jealousy game, hard to get etc. I ignored her for a long time at one point which I know upset her. She has a boyfriend so things are even more weird.

So here's the question I have. I began kind of avoiding her at one point because I was tired of games and liked her too much. We have this once a month group lunch that we all go to. She used to go to all of them. I started skipping many of them because I didn't want to be around, and I also didn't want her to be able to make me jealous. People used to wonder why I wasn't going. Anyways, so she started skipping ALL, I mean ALL of the meetings, for like the past 9 months. She only went to the one randomly when I was out of town, and she was sure to let me know how she went when I returned. I'm thinking you went to that one? When it was my turn to pick the lunch, our boss emailed everyone and said to let HIM know if they could make it. She emails me the day of saying she is too busy to go. I'm like okay I know. She also will call in sick to events that we talked about her going, she's done this multiple times. Where I'm look oh maybe I'll get to see her there. Nope. Last week in a meeting I was surprised to see her even go to, she checked to see if I was paying attention to her hair flips, I didn't. I finally looked over at her and she quickly looked at me then away, and just got up and left in the middle of the meeting? I can't help but think she's playing some sort of game, but what is it? Thanks!



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  • She likes you move on she has a boyfriend you don't need that drama or games at work you don't need to loose your job or put your job in jeopardy because to be honest she is and putting her job at risk her calling out on important meetings or work even'ts her not showing up sooner or later there gonna see that and get tire d of it as much as people don't think meetings are important there just apart of work and just as important most information comes from out of meetings and your not together so move on because it would suck her having a attitude toward you get called to the bosses office then your name is being involved then your out of a job and so is she but she still has her boyfriend no leave her alone because this will only cause drama for you and then her boyfriend gets involved u never know she could get into a argument with her boyfriend and say well at least someone at work likes me then her boyfriend is coming to her job so many red flags in this i could see if she was set on u and dating u but she's not so i say move on


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  • she's pulling the moves because its awk how you too when out

    • Wait what? Went out? What do you mean?

  • I think she likes you. If you like her too, you have to tell her to break up with her bf

    • Ok thanks, but what are these moves? Why is she pulling these little moves like this?

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    • Want me to talk to her, like pull her aside and say what's on my mind?

    • Well first of all do you like her?

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