For guys who've had long-term relationships before... How does it impact any new relationship you might get in to?

I am falling for a guy who had a long-term girlfriend for a couple years, then broke up with her a year and a half ago. I never met her, because I only met him one year ago. I've never had my first kiss or anything yet - the most I had was a boyfriend as a kid whom I hugged and held hands with.

I'm just a little bit wary of what baggage this guy may carry in to dating me... If we were to start dating. And would he compare me to his ex-girlfriend? What's it like when the guy is experienced and the girl isn't?

Another question: I'm not supposed to ask about his ex, am I? Is that just a topic I should never bring up?


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  • He probably will, but in much smaller ways and only the the beginning. Sometimes we need to process what are the differences about you and the relationship as it is. And his only frame of reference about what was good or bad is his last relationship.
    My first fee months with my current gf, I was pleasantly surprised left and right when she would be absolutely amazing where my ex failed so to speak. I learned of some of her faults as well, but in the end. He learned from his last relationship hopefully and will make better choices with you

    • Ok, thank you so much :)

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    • No clue. I've not heard his kissing reviews from his past dates

    • Oh haha

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  • After being in a 8 year relationship I'm not sure if I know how to pick up women anymore, lol so yea I think being in a long term relationship does affect you if something happens and you are looking for someone else in the future

  • Afterwards, It became hard for me to trust women. And I had a tendency to compare other girls to her. But as some time passed, I stopped feeling that way. Well, at least not as much as before.

  • majorly impacts when /i see similar things that i didn't like in my last relationship in a current relationship i have a feeling it's going to end up similar so i usually leave and end this sooner than i would.

    • So you know the red flags. Fair enough.

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