When is too soon to drop the LOVE bomb?

So, I've been dating this girl for about 5 weeks now and have finally realized or accepted that without a question of a doubt... I love this girl. I can honestly say that over the last 5 weeks I haven't gone more then afew minutes without thinking about her. I love everything about this girl... her personality, her upbeat attitude, and her many flaws.

Now here's the problem... is it too soon to drop the love bomb? The last thing is want to do is scare her away... while I'm happy with how the relationship is going... I just want to stand on the mountain tops and yell it.

If I knew without a shadow of a doubt she would say it back... no problem. However when we first started dating she let me know she's been hurt before and had some commitment issues. Opinions?

Going out with her tonight... will take this advice and run with it, and update tomorrow on how it goes


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  • Don't say anything just yet, sweetie. Feel tonite out, and perhaps, just for Convo, talk a bit More about how she still feels as far as The Big "C," which is a Commitment, a relationship, and other personal things in which she may want to talk about. However, don't say anything to her of your own feelings.
    I believe it is too soon, only a little over a month. You both need to go slow, nurture and nurse what you have started, and knowing already of her past with a partner, should tell you she Could very well grow Cold duck feet and wander quickly back into the murky waters, disappearing or just ending up ruffling a few of her feathers. Things could go South.
    And although hard, for you know how you feel and what you want, she in turn may Not, and 'May' need more time to to feel comfy again and more secure once more in a Real relationship.
    Perhaps in time she will come out of her shell, begin reaching out and together you will Both hopefully know when it is right to sow your seeds old Mother Nature may have in store for you both to reap real ripe for a romance And----Relationship so right.
    Good luck. xx

    • Glad to have been able to help, thank you... Hope everything works out for you... xx

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  • i dont see the big deal. if you feel it and want to say it say it. it shouldn't 'scare' her. nothing has changed. whether you away it or dont sway it yore still feeling w/e you're feeling. i dont see why lying is better than being honest. band if its love love or infatuation love-whoi cares. its how you feel you feel. feelings are w/e they are to you.

    i dont see why she should be bothered. as he ought to understand you're merely expressing a feeling of profound happiness elicited by her. feelings ebb and flow. this is a good feel;ing if it bothers her then she's a long way from being able to handle emotional intimacy. that'd be good for you to know.

    i understand why its hard for people to say bc everyone makes WAY too big a deal pif it. but it shouldn't be hard to hear ass its positive and its just a feeling. it doesn't have magical powers its not a little green gremlin. nothing is going to explode./ you're just telling her you care and you're happy.

    wayyyyyyyy too much melo- drama surrounding the word. i think you should feel free to say w/e positive thing you feel you want to away without worrying you're doing something horrible.

    • no one knows what will happen. if you are reserved and say nothing and things go south they'll have gone south. and maybe bc you didn't feel like you had a secure place to express yourself. if you say something and it goes well then it will only strtengthen things. if saying i/t weakens your relationship then it was pretty flimsy.

      you sway you're worried it'll chase her away. why should it. if she's with you and likes things as they are.. you're only verbally expressing what shows ALREADY experiencing from you.. so why should being how you are and saying you love her, scare her anymore than being around you loving her without mentioning it.

      I'm really asking. not rhetorical:)

  • Nothing yet darling! just see how the relationship pans out! wait a few weeks and tell her she means the world to you or something along those lines, but hold on to the Love bomb for now! if she starts acting like she's trying to figure things out then tell her more things about like what you like about her or the relationship and things and when you can tell she's warmed up then you can tell her!

  • Personally, I would be a little freaked out if a guy told me he loved me that quick. I feel like in your situation you should wait for a little longer. While your waiting tell her "that you are really starting to fall for her" and "that you really like her." Then look at how she responds to you after saying that. If she just says thanks then she's not that into you but if she says it back or says "me too" then that means she really likes you too. Pay attention to how she acts around you.. does she smile a lot? Laugh at you jokes? Look at you a lot? Fiddle with her hair? Those are all signs that she really likes you. Also maybe ask one of her close friends too see what they think of it... just don't tell them that you love her because they will most likely tell her and you want to be the one to say it. In my opinion I would wait for at least 3 to 4 months to say it... just to make sure she feels the same way! I hope this helps! And when you do say it plan something really romantic then say it! It will make it more special for her and she will be more likely to say it back! I hope this helps! Have a great date!

  • To be honest 5 weeks is way too soon, you don't really love her. Your infatuated with her and fancy her, it isn't love. You think your in love but your not. My boyfriend said he loved me after a week and he just chucked the words around has done ever since, but a lot of guys have told me they love me and not meant it. Things are going well, I wouldn't drop the I love you just yet maybe wait a few months at least hope I helped :)


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  • Wow, it sounds like you really love her. How much do you love her? Enough to get to know her, to allow the bond between you to grow, to spend the rest of your life with her? Enough to wait until the honeymoon to even see her naked? If you love her enough, you will wait.

    When is the right time to drop the L bomb?

    How about when you mean it? When you truly know that she is the woman for you. The woman you want to grow old with. Anything less just isn't so.

  • Depends on how well you know her. If you literally met and started going out with her five weeks ago, absolutely not. If you've known her quite well for some time (several months), and just decided to go out with her five weeks ago it's a different story.

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