Love Advice: 2 boys (debonaire best friends who both think I'm really pretty) and one socially awkward me?

So the first guy, (Cade) he's been my best friend for years. We even dated briefly early on, it lasted aweek and we never kissed because I was too shy to even look at him and he thought I didn't want him to make a move. After that we didn't speak for a year. Now, years later we're closer than ever we say things like "I can't imagine who I'd be with out you" and "You're amazing" constantly. Well, recently I've developed feelings for one of his closest friends. (Truman) One night I decided I'd tell Cade about my feelings for Truman and he asked if I wanted to know what happened when Truman drove him home after we had all hung out. He tells me that the two of the rated me and Truman asked Cade if he had feelings for me. Truman &Cade both agreed that I'm a 9 and Cade told him that he has feeling for me. Here's the thing Cade has a girlfriend, but despite this he and I have been having really romantic conversations as of late. He even asked if we could strike a deal: that if I still haven't had my first kiss by senior year & he's single that we would do what he's always regretted not doing all those years ago. But he's also being my wingman on the Truman front, given me advice and given me the courage to talk to him. He's a lot like Cade, but he's also intellectually stimulating and mature. We've been texting & it's like we already know each other, he's been moving to sit with me in class and I've caught him looking up at me at random when he's across the room -usually he's smiling... I think I know what's best here, but I just want some confirmation from an outside party. To be clear though, I'm not a floosey of a teenager. Truman is the first actual crush I've had in years and Cade, well I buried those feelings a long time ago and now they are gnawing at me. I'd apprechiate some input.

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  • Girl, you need to calm down! They aren't proposing or anything.
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I feel the need to say that I'm also a junior in high school.


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  • Neither. He has a girl but still said he will do what he did not when y'all were together. Which is a kiss 💋. So if he meant it her should of done it their and then. Not in a what if scenario. And if you feel like a nine. Girl own those bitches. "whip sound"

    • Lol I definitely appreciate the feedback and thanks for the confirmation. I don't feel like a 9, though they are under that delusion. :) But that did give me a laugh.

    • 😁 no prob girl. Just know one thing you are in control not them. Good luck girl don't let a man pick you, you pick the man or boy in your case lol..."now for some advice" A key that opens many locks is a master key, a lock that is opened by many locks is just a shitty lock.

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