What gives me the right to be picky?

I'm no stallion or model. I'm sweet, I'm myself, I exercise so I try to stay in good shape, but what allows me to say someone isn't good enough for me? Or they're not pretty enough for me? What makes me so special that I can be that picky? I'm just an average joe


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  • There's nothing wrong with being picky, imo. Having standards will play a part in your satisfaction with that person in the long run. Like me for instance: i will never date/marry a smoker bc that would make for one hell of a miserable ride for the rest of my life.


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  • It's not you being special... it's you not controlling what you're attracted to. Some say you can't control attraction... but I'm not totally sure about that.

  • everyone can have expectations, but they need to be realistic. Most of what guys say they want are fantasies, not reality.


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