Haven't had a real date yet? Does he even want to go on a date or am I being played?

So I'm in college and I've been seeing the guy across the street for a couple of weeks now (we live in apartment buildings about 5 min from campus). We usually hang out and watch movies in our rooms but we have gone out and played tennis and thrown a softball on the campus rec fields together, but we haven't gone on a real date- dinner/movie/whatever. He acts very boyfriendy- he tells me i'm beautiful and that he's really into me, and we've shared intimate conversations, and he's held my hand in public and made mentions of going out to a nice dinner and whatnot-- but he hasn't actually asked me out on a real date yet..

Do you think he's just saying this or does he really want to go on a date? Should I try to make a date plan or would that freak him out?


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  • Plan the date and see what he says. If he doesn't want to go then you know that he doesn't mean what he's saying


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