I'm pretty sure I just ruined my friendship with this girl I was friends with?

Ok so I'm 16. I'm not really experienced with the ladies by any means, in fact this is the first close female I ever had.

I secretly had feelings for her nearly all the time I'd known her, and assumed she had similar feelings. We'd be texting until like 2 AM on pretty much all nights.

I realized she was a very private person... Didn't really want to share nearly as much as she expected me to share. This really bothered me because it gets boring to talk about yourself all the time.

She would always put HERSELF down, say she didn't like when people looked at her, said she was ugly. I'd always talk her up, compliment her, and would get virtually 0 thanks.

I asked her if she was going to go to Homecoming. She said no she wasn't planning on going and that it was "for morons". So I didn't ask her because it was certain rejection.

So I was out with 5 of my close friends playing football in the park when literally all of my friends knew that she had been asked out and said yes... So I do a little digging and find out that literally she's just jumped ship with me and is now talking to my friend, who I introduced her to, more than me, ABOUT ME! Nothing major... But she'd literally just tell my friend everything I said [He took pictures of it and sent it to me].

So I texted her and said "Screw off! I thought we were friends... You completely lie to me about homecoming and tell everybody else except the one person who texts you whenever you want,".

I apologized for this but obviously she is quote: "Confused" at why I would even care. I explained that I was just mad she didn't tell me anything and betrayed me.

Now she's stopped replying, no doubt to go tell all my other friends what a chump I am.

What is there to do here? What could I have done differently? I know this is a very long post but I needed some help. Thanks!

TL:DR: I told a girl off, felt bad about it, apologized, and now she doesn't reply.


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  • Don't feel bad it was her fault not yours she did something shady and rude on her part she should be apologizing to you but i would apologize anyway and let her talk to you when she's ready to but honestly you can't trust people now a days and now you know that it was okay for her to tell your business out why she kept everything to herself but told your friend everything honestly i would say be strong enough to walk away from a friend like that because they will keep doing it again and again and as soon as u try to talk to them they will deny it like your in the wrong and there right your guyfriend is the real friend because he was honest with you weather he likes her now or did or don't he told you forget her don't apologize again because she needs to learn from her mistakes sad depressed or down she needs to apologize to you she has a no care attitude for people who care about her she only cares about the people she likes or actually cares about on a personal level if she's doing this to you then she's doing this to her friends telling there business out i wouldn't tell her anything but be nice to her but it would definitely make me move on from a person like that will only hurt you more in the end

  • Let the bitch go. She's complicating your life. She's not worth it. Distance yourself. Be thankful she's not talking to you anymore. Its time you move on and find someone better. There are plenty of girls who you can be friends with who actually like to talk and be open about themselves. Don't put up with her crap.

    • Do you think this would be a good thing to say? "Look, I already appologized to you. We were friends and you still told me nothing about yourself. If you don't want me to text you that's fine. Have a nice life." Is this good? Or should I change it, or not send it at all? I'm sending this before I permablock her and delete all her contact info.

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    • Yea true. The only problem is she's literally kicked me out of my group for football games and such. Because she makes it way too awkward to be there... That's why I want to resolve it so I can continue chilling with my group.

    • How many people are in this group? I'd continue to talk to them outside of the group and make sure you're on good terms with them so it won't matter what she does when you're in the group together. It doesn't seem like the girl is coming around anytime soon. If you stop hanging out with your group of friends she getting what she wants... don't give that to her and don't do that to yourself.

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