What does this Chemistry between man a women mean?

He said we have chemistry he keeps saying this.. We are really drown to each other sexually and other ways


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  • You'll get different opinions from different people about this.
    It is possible to have physical attraction, with no chemistry.
    Chemistry is not about appearance, but that can help. A statue can have good appearance, but zero chemistry.
    The way a person acts and speaks and thinks will have a big effect on chemistry. If they get it 1/2 right, it will only be physical/sexual attraction. Even the smell of a person can have an effect on physical attraction, and that's not the smell of their perfume, after shave or deodorant. It's more subtle than that.

    If they get it completely right, there will be physical attraction, and also great communication and a sense of comfort and security. You just feel happy around that person, and they bring out the best in you. It is hard to explain. This might help.


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  • A guy who says he is 'feeling the chemistry' is usually feeling NRE - new relationship energy. It's a period at a start of a relationship where there are enhanced feelings of receptivity and arousal. It is generally the cause of a lot of 'love at first sight' situations, though how people interpret the feelings varies, and not everyone that feels it defaults to 'love'. It is also responsible for people 'crushing' on others.

    So if he is saying he feels the chemistry, it generally means he is feeling a heightened sense of attraction, that he feels good in your presence, that he feels unusually receptive to your advances and feels more inclined to agree with you.

  • pm me and il try help


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