Do you mind being asked to see a movie? I know its cliché '/ boring but I like that its a set amount of time where you can't talk (low expectation)?

im nerves when I'm attracted to a guy, so i ap[preciarte just beinbg able to spend time newer him without any demands. but sitting silently is awkward if you're not well acquainted.

anyhow if you like a girl would you mind being asked to see a movie as a first date?

would you do it even if you mind haha?

do you need her to say its a date to be clear for you of her intentions?

oh and is asking if you want too see a movie next week ok?

my schedule is kind of tight and i plan things by the week, so i can't ask for anything sooner than next week. like today is Sunday I could ask for next friday. that ok - or is it too long?

thanks for your help.

whats a good time to meet? I'm free after 3 pm on friday.


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  • No I don't mind. Actually been asked on one such 1st date before.

    A movie as first date actually IS a good idea, in my opinion. Provided that you knew that guy outside, as friends.

    Why is it a good idea?
    * It's a safe way to say, I'm interested in you.
    * It's a convenient excuse to meet with someone. (if you are like me, I don't find much interest in you enough to meet you over coffee or lunch, but a movie sounds interesting!)
    * After the movie, you can arrange a dinner. And here comes the conversational part that everyone was nitpicking about. Come and probe his thoughts and personality over a meal!
    * And of course, the movie is a great conversational topic. So please don't pick a movie that is boring. Blockbusters work nice. For instance, Transformers was excellent, because Michael Bay had tons of plotholes for us to pick apart and laugh ourselves senseless about.

    Okay then now your questions.
    *I would love to go on a movie date with someone I had a crush on.
    *If I had no crush on her, I would still go on the movie date as long as I find her appealing and a possible candidate.
    * If I don't like movie dates because I hate movie dates for some reason, try to appeal using the idea of dinner after movies.
    * I don't need her to say it's a date. It should be quite obvious that a girl who asks a guy out for a movie, alone, a night, with a dinner meal, is a date. But at the same time that it is obvious, if the girl keeps quiet and doesn't say that it's a date, it gives a sense of doubt and mystery. If I had a crush on her, I'll be pretty nervous and excited thinking about her intentions. So it's a good thing.
    * Asking 1 week in advance is okay. It's not too long. To make it more natural, pretend as if you just casually struck conversation with him. Then as the conversation was getting good, you felt good about him, and that's when you ask the question.
    * Do it in the evening. It sets the mood for a date. And just in time for dinner afterwards.

    • * hmm we hang out a lot but we dont have good conversations yet. its still awkward so there's no good casual way to ask. its another reason why i want to see a movie. so we get a break from the stress of trying to say the right thing., and i dont really dance around things. if I'm going to do something i just do it. i dont worry about playing up to it. long as its direct and clear I'm content:)

      * I don't know if it being a mystery is goods bc the whole reason I'm asking isa to distinguish us just hanging out as friends from my 'liking' him.

      * i dont think i can sit for two hours at a movie then AGAIN for food. thats stressful i gotta move more than once every 5 hours ;p. plus i dont like eating with attraction. I'm never hungry. ... a walk after would be fine though.

      * actually the theater is near home And its an old theater. I'm going to see a forting film my idea is to see how much of it i can understand without looking At subtitles...

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    • I think where to meet doesn't matter. Just meeting at the theatre is fine if it's convenient for you two. :)

    • ok thanks. this is all very easy now:)

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  • Go to the movie first, and then do something else. You can chat on the way to the theatre and then afterwards, you can get a cup of coffee. The movie can serve as conversation starter. I've done that to positive effect. But don't ask to go to another movie next week, ask, "I had a nice time. Can I call you again some time?"

    • oh yeah definitely not. i dont like going to movies that much.. its just an easy low key thing to suggest and I'm hoping it won't imply much. i dont want to be saying more than i want to hang out alone. and movies are pretty much just that, unless its in private which it won't be.

      but yeah its a one time thing. if he wants to hang out again well go to a park or or something a bit more active... then eventually some theme like archery or a maze or something specific lol ;)

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    • I've had some of the best times of my life on a bench seat of an old truck.

    • I believe that ;-))

  • Movie for the first date is fine, just talk during the movie and make it about the experience and not the movie. Unless you both reeally want to see the movie. Any first date I took to a movie ended well.

    • Movie alleviates stress of thinking of what to say, so no uncomfortable silences. When you do say something, like a joke about the movie, you two can laugh. You can flirt a bit during the movie by bumping him too

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    • Lol. I always say that you're compatible if there can be silence between you and it's not awkward for either person

    • yeah i agree:)

  • No, I would like it. Where I live it's not cliche and I don't find it boring.
    And no, she needn't to say it's a date to be clear for me of her intentions.
    And I like women who actually do something when they like a guy.

    • thank you:)

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    • lol nope. of course not... just the time period wed be having it within ;)

    • oh and i think I'm going with 9 pm ;-)

  • A movie on a first date is a really bad idea imo. You don't have to go on a "date date". You can just hangout and get to know each other.

    • yeah were already doing that. sop i want to do something that lets him know i like him more than a friend.

      why is a movie bad idea if what i want is to sir quietly and not talk.. seems perfect then.

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