He seems into me, so why does he only text me, and never calls?

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months. Throughout the week as we are both working/too busy to meet up, he'll text me cute flirty msgs, asking how my day is going, etc. (About 2-5 msgs a day). I respond in kind.

I can tell he likes me very much as he is very affectionate and sweet on dates, we spend hours talking etc. I've told him before over text that I don't like texting but was making an exception ;). On our third or fourth date, somehow this got brought up again and I asked him if I could call him and he just stared at me blankly... However, he did have a really BAD headache (and didn't want to cancel the date).

He seems into me, so why doesn't he call? He is 30 years old.

(I'm going to ask in a flirty way for him to call me the next time he texts me during the work week).


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  • Some men are just really extremely busy. and some don't want to get distracted at what they are doing.

    Because of my job, I travel a lot, and sometimes travel overseas. If I do travel over seas, I make an effort to call my gf before bed time, just to say I love her and goodnight. She makes a big deal if I don't call for days or a week.

    Another thing is, some guys feel awkward when they don't have anything to say on the phone. My gf loves to hear my voice, she told me it makes her wet. Try and say something like that, maybe he will call you more often.


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  • Texting nowadays seems to be the norm. But there's also something to be said about actively avoiding phone calls altogether. I'd imagine no matter how busy, one can make time for their persons of interest.

    Keeping the conversation doesn't seem to be the issue, since you spend hours talking in person. Maybe he's just a bit uncomfortable with phone calls.

  • Woman like to talk and men prefer to listen, well some listen


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