How do you go about asking a girl out?

Okay so there is this girl i have a small crush on her problem we live an hour apart. I am not part of her life socially really. I do happen to have sisters number which i am aquainted with. I aked her sister if we can meet at starbucks but they brought their whole entire church. I felt random to be there, the plabs got changed they happen to be with their church. It threw me off guard so i didn't really be personal and get to know this girl very much i was talking to everyone else. Anyways i just do not know how to go about asking her for another simple coffee run because i felt like ruined my chance. I just ignored her the last time partly. Help ha!!


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  • I don't think you blew your chance maybe disappointed her indirectly because it wasn't your fault since you weren't expecting all those people. And maybe they invited all those people because she was nervous talk to you alone, I mean you told you to invite her not all the church people do you have her number, if not can her sister give it to you. And ask her for a date

    • Thank you so much i talked to her directly we laughed ablut the miscommunication. She happens to be dating someone already, but not dissappointed or anything. Actually quite happy because i reassured myself that i was off guard by the whole thing not really even have the opportunity to show who i really am as a person. I had said no when i was someone as well before, so totally understandable. So we will remain friends. Thanks

    • Oh well I'm sorry it didn't go as planned, but happy that you took it so well I'm sure there's other girls out there for you :-)

  • Never know unless you try.


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