Girls, how do I approach you in a bar?

Ok so obviously when you go to the bar you're their with your friends. That's the problem I'm having. I don't know how to show the girl I like I'm interested in her cause she's with her friends. Just an fyi, I don't drink and I've never really been in a bar in my life, but I'm trying this as something new since the online dating thing isn't really working for me.


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  • Just because you're at a bar doesn't mean you need to drink. I'm not a big drinker either. Just get a coke or something. To show you're interested, just start a casual conversation with her. I personally don't like people that come on too strong but keep it friendly. After talking to her for a little bit touch her shoulders or something. Touching is usually a good sign of interest. Just don't go too far with it.

    • Yeah I'm just going to drink a coke. It only takes about 1/2 a beer to get me tipsy. haha My main concern is how do I talk to her when she's with her friends? I don't think many girls go by themselves.

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