If u sere getting to know someone to date them and u found out they had a friend with benefits, What would u do?

I'm trying to be cool... but I don't like it. He knows that. I don't want to be hasty because I'm not officially his girlfriend. So, damn... I don't know how long He wants to keep this person. Etc. I'm not asking all that cause we aren't official.

We live at opposite ends of the country. pretty much. He is from where I live and may move back. His mother wants him to. He has said to me more than once He would really consider moving back if He had another reason to come back, like hinting at me. And if He moved back I could have him all the time.

What would u do?



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  • I'm not keen on friends with benefits so I wouldn't like it either, but I'm not one to judge what they do, especially if we aren't together anyway.

    For your situation, it's already hard enough given such a long distance. His friend with benefits seems to add onto the pile. Perhaps you should really consider if he's someone worth it for you at this time.


What Girls Said 1

  • I won't like it
    personallyi dont like friends with benefits idea and I would feel he is someone who isn't serious about committed relationship

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