How do shy guys reject girls?

Will they say it straight or will look for reasons not to meet?
Because it happened to me. I asked out one my friend who seemed to like me ( he showed me all signs). I revealed to him that i like him. he agreed to meet, but then said he is shy but will try. But now he ignores me and says he is busy or works.

So now im confused. Will guys do that to girls they like? or he is too shy to stay alone with me? he seemed feel awkward when it happened.. if so, how i can help him to be more opened with me if can't see him?
Guys what do you suggest about what to talk with him after that?


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  • I would straight out say no if I'm not interested. I know it's difficult when on the spot but having asked girls out and been given open ended answers or that "Not looking for a relationship" crap instead of them just being honest, which I would have preferred, I'll just say no. As to your question, I'd put down his change of heart to something that happened to him, or he couldn't say no to you when you asked him (he did say he is shy). Did he hesitate with his answer?

    • No, he answered quickly.
      I Know that he really was working and busy, but not all the time. Just people make priorities, he could find a time, but didnt. So i just dont know what to think,

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