Why is she all of a sudden snapchatting me?

Made it from the start I was interested in her. She just wanted to be friends. I let it be - no contact - and focused on myself. In the months, I sorted my life out, got ripped, excelled at my studies, got medication for my skin and had a fashion overhaul.

When I had bumped into her last, we'd just stand there talking for eons then hugged it out as we embraced. I'd asked her out to a bite again - we both said we were free before she gave a wishy washy answer and how far behind she was in study (we're studying to be doctors). I left it. Bumped into her walking into class the other day and asked her how the class was. We faced each other lips apart as she replied as she laid her hand on my arm.

Up to this point she has never initiated anything. This last week she's sent me a couple snaps of her going out, having fun at the beach etc. I never replied as she'd sent it to her best female friend (which ironically is mine too) too but it was the fact that she'd started sending things to me.

So whats going on? I know we care about each other but I'm not my 'wear my heart on my sleeve' guy no more; willing to put myself out their on a limb...

  • You're over thinking, unless she makes it more obvious, let it be
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  • Maybe she has an interest in you, maybe not. There's not much information to go off of and the two things you posted if you assume she likes you off of that, then you could simply be reading into things. Maybe ask the mutual friend if she's said anything about having an interest in you?


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