I'm stuck in the friendzone, but confusing!?


I've been on a couple of dates with a girl, and these dates all went really well and we've definitely a huge click.

In between dates we're texting a lot and we're both initiating contact. By the end of the third date we've kissed quickly, so I expected that the 'relationship' would take to
the next level from here... However, when I asked here out again she stated that she would 'just be friends'. I was very confused especially since she still texting me in a playfull way after that third date.

I've asked her if she was simply not up for a relatiosnhip, but she said she sees me as a friend and has no other feelings...

Where did it went wrong? Am I deep in the friendzone? (I guess so, but why?) Or was she testing me? Confusing!


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  • Well all you have to go on is that she said she only sees you as a friend. If it's a test it's a pretty cruel one.
    You need to decide if you could just be friends and if you can then carry on texting, but don't do it in the hope that she will end up wanting more.

    If you can't just be friends then tell her.

    As much as you won't want to you will save yourself a lot of heartache getting out before you get in too deep.

  • 1) You're not pushing hard enough. First proper date, you both know it's a date and if all goes well, what you want out of it. If situation gives, kiss her!
    2) None of this texting things in between. Have you heard of how the heart grows fonder with distance? If she wants to text you, by all means reply but otherwise save it for the date/ calling her to organise a date.
    3) A friend is someone you see non-sexually. Do you flirt? Are you physical with her? Do you push her buttons? You have to define yourself more than the other guys she can have at her call when she needs someone to gossip to.